Monday, May 20, 2013



Something I am struggling with...

I recently quite my job as a Barista and am now a nanny for an adorable energized 2 year old named Dillion in the Springs. And until yesterday was working at a boutique in Denver, where we live. Now that I work in the Springs I've been livin' the commuter lifestyle, and I am ok with that. We are blessed to live in Denver but I get to work where my family is and spend time with them when I'm down there. 
The struggle comes in because I am a gal who, for the most part, likes routine. {Granted on weekends and vacays let's be spontaneous!} But in my day to day life I like knowing that I will get up in the am and work out with my hubs, that will be followed by us making breakfast, and then getting ready and going to work. Once home from work we make dinner {I'm also a gal who plans out our meals at the beginning of each week so I know what our dinners will look like every night and what kind of snacks I will be enjoying}, then from there we either have time together or spend time with friends which we would do every night if we could! 
The thing about the commuter lifestyle, and both the husband and I are doing it, is that our days and weeks don't usually look like this. Some weeks we'll come home every night, or I will come home and he'll have to stay in the Springs, and others we'll stay in the Springs to be with family. We are HUGE family people and love them to death!! 
I could go on and on but all this to say that we are a little out of balance over here at the Lobdell home.
We aren't getting enough quality time as a couple, we aren't getting intentional time with family, and we aren't spending time with our friends. I don't get my workouts in everyday, I struggle to eat the way that is best for my body, and I get distraught being left out of plans. 

I can't be everywhere at once & I can't always do the things I want to do. 
Life can be messy.
I do know that this will change once we get ourselves in more of a routine... until then I've gotten really close to my car, workouts while Dillion sleeps have become a ritual, and I make daily runs to Sprouts. 

<3 Gabrielle 

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