Friday, May 10, 2013

A Moment in My Day

A day late, but still happening nonetheless.

My favorite moment in the day? My mornings. Back in college, I was the girl that slept in until 10 am every weekend. Now my body wont let me do that. Must be the big girl job reality that has broken me of this habit. I use to dread the early morning alarms, but now with the sun coming up earlier and the weather warming up I am beginning to actually look forward to my morning wake up call.

And thanks to some inspiration and motivation from my Kenza, I have started hitting the gym bright and early. I started out doing this once or twice a week, but it has slowly transformed into a part of my routine and I am LOVING it. I love simply rolling out of bed, throwing on some workout comfies, not worrying about makeup or my hair, and hitting a good 30 minutes of cardio in the AM.

It gives me energy for my day, motivation to eat clean (because who wants to put junk in their body after they just burned 300 cals?), and gets me going. My challenge for you: try some AM cardio at least once this week. Trust me, you won't regret it!


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