Friday, May 3, 2013

Things that make me uncomfortable...

Day 3: "Things that make me uncomfortable" 

The blog topic of the day is, "things that make me uncomfortable." I have to be honest, this was a tough prompt for me. I can usually avoid awkward scenarios and lighten the mood when there's little discomfort although, I would have to say this is something I have gotten better at as I've grown up and my confidence has grown. We all have been the uncomfortable girl/boy at some point in our lives. I had an exceptionally long season of awkwardness in life peaking at about the 7th grade. I was 5'7 and gangly with a lesbian hair cut, fangs growing in my mouth, a gap in between my two front teeth, braces (there was a lot goin on in there), and glasses. Yes people, I could make anyone uncomfortable in the 7th grade. Too bad I can't dig up an old gem from that glamorous year of my life. Anyways, Here are just a few things that make me fairly uncomfortable.

- Eating Mayonnaise: I just don't even know what it is. Its gross people. I'm a firm believer that there is multiple other ways to enjoy a good sandwich or egg salad or tuna or whatever else you put that stuff on without goin pig fat lard status. Try hummus or pesto. I'm serious. Its an unnecessary condiment.

- Excessive potty mouth: This makes me so uncomfortable. When people drop no no words every other word their credibility, intelligence, and class is immediately called into question. Thats just about all I have to say about that. Again, not necessary.

- My Grandpa's hair piece: Oh dear. I hope gramps doesn't get offended by this one. My sweet, dear, and very precious grandpa has a hair piece. You see, its just a fancy way to cover up the obvious receding hair line and ultimately, old age. I say, embrace it and love that shiny little head. Sometimes the hair piece isn't properly attached  and it scares small children and myself when loose and dangling. I don't quite know how to approach the situation when it falls out of place. Its one of those "you have food in your teeth" situations....just uncomfortable for all parties involved.

- Dirty sheets: Yes, I am self-admittedly type A. I hate it sometimes, but I believe sheets should be cleaned weekly. Who wants to climb into a dirty sheets bed? Not much more to say about that. Dirty sheets=discomfort.

- Being underdressed in a fancy restaurant: This is one of those challenging things about living in Colorado. In L.A. or New York or multiple other cities it just wouldn't fly to walk into a nice restaurant in baseball cap and Patagonia fleece. It happens all the time here. I'm not sure if people are just uncomfortable in fancy clothes, but It makes me uncomfortable for them when mr. casual is sitting next to mr. suit and tie in their old college hoodie and berkinstocks. My mentality is, you can never be overdressed.

- When people expect to communicate with others while on the phone: Does it not occur to people how rude it is to both recipient of communication and friend on the phone when you try to have two conversations at once? When you are checking out at the grocery store, cashing a check at the bank, ordering your coffee, or any other such time just wait till the phone conversation is over. Its just weird and semi-offensive. Also, uncomfortable.

That should do it friends. Happy day 3 of the blog challenge and happy Friday! What are everyone's plans?

~ Mekenzie

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