Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Advice Worth Taking

Day 8: Give some Advice…any.
Sweet Halle Girl

Have you ever watched a adult try to make a baby laugh? It's amazing the humiliation we will put ourselves through just to get one giggle to come out. We will make noises that only should come out of a baby elephant and distort our faces in a way that looks like we were pinched in the butt unexpectedly. I was watching Mekenzie's boyfriend Lee, play with my niece, Halle, last week. He was acting like a circus clown just to get her to laugh. And man, did she think he was funny! Lee was playing peek-a-boo with her over her high chair and we’re lucky she was strapped in because Lee’s ridiculous faces and noises had her doubled over laughing. It was the best.

I can’t criticize Lee, though, I do the same things trying to get Halle to crack up. One of those things includes holding her above my head and making ridiculously embarrassing noises. She loves it. She dies laughing every time! Last week, I was playing this game with Halle; holding her above my head, kind of dropping her into my arms and pushing her above my head again. If only you could hear her sweet giggles and tiny screams- it lights me up. As I did this over and over again she just kept laughing harder and harder, until in an instant neither of us were laughing anymore. One the last push above my head Halle barfed her disgusting baby barf down my shirt! It slide down my chest and I had the warm yuckiness trapped between my skin and t-shirt. In a moment of sheer panic I wanted to just dropped the messy little human and run to the bathroom. Luckily for Halle, I took a deep breath, set her in her swing and sprinted to the bathroom to clean up. This incident falls into the top 5 most disgusting things that has ever happened to me. 

But I learned a very important lesson- don’t play the air plane game after an infant has just eaten. It will result in some baby barf trauma and emotional scars (kidding!) 

My advice- never hold a well fed baby above your head. 

 the Coolest Kid on the Block

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