Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 11: Sell Yourself In 10 Words Or Less

In one of my classes in college we had to give a 30 second "elevator speech" selling ourselves. I say, been there done that. I'm not looking for a job or a boyfriend these days so let me just sell you on my friends instead....

The Core Four Babes: 


Er's heart is pure gold. She has a title among our friends "The nicest friend." But really. she's the friend that will drop every obligation, plan, commitment, and priority and fly/drive to your location in time of desperate need. She is the only person I know I can text at 4:00 a.m. when I wake up for my workouts because she's hittin the gym too. She loves actively with time spent, gifts, paying for your coffee etc. She is the most diligent and committed person I know. In friendship, in her love for her family and nieces and nephews, in her eating habits, in her workouts, in her jobs, and in her pursuit of Jesus. When Erin is having a bad day, walking through a terrible season, or receives bad news about jobs, boys, her health and the like, you can be sure she is seeking Jesus as her source of rescue and peace and stability. She is moldable and teachable, eager to be the best she can be. There was a point in college when we lived in the same bedroom, were both waitresses at the same restaurant, and worked out together on a daily basis. I could never get sick of this girl or run out of things to talk about with her. She is a beautiful friend inside and out.


Lo babe. When I think of Lauren I envision the most perfect balance of maturity and stability with unleashed joy and light heartedness. She carries herself with poise, she's full of knowledge, she is responsible, she has true favor in life and walks humbly in it, but when you get Lauren goin around 10:00 p.m. or so you won't even know what is coming. She's this hyper ball full of fun that is can't even be explained. She is HILARIOUS and full of life. She makes the party every time. Lauren is my fitness and food inspiration. We can be found exchanging recipes,  emailing fitness plans, and sending pictures of our meals frequently. I've run two of my half marathons with Lauren and you can be sure she will right there by your side encouraging you and kicking your butt the whole time. Lauren is a picture of Proverbs 31 woman. She loves her family so well. Its really fun to be around her and her husband. They honor one another with their actions and the way the speak to each other. They prioritize one another above anything else. They are power couple. She is a beautiful friend inside and out.


Gabrielle is someone I can count on to celebrate life REALLY well. If you want to be at a happy hour or on a patio with anyone, its Gabrielle. She values life and seeks to enjoy it to its full capacity not just live it. She can be found spoiling you with gifts that are really meaningful and thoughtful. I call her my heart friend because we are very similar in spirit.  She's well dressed and always knows the latest fashion trends so when I get a compliment from her on my outfit choice I know I'm lookin good. She is committed to her family. Her parents, her husband, her brother and sister in law, and her niece are some of her very best friends. We share a love for frozen yogurt that can't be stopped. She makes a MEAN cup of coffee. Pour over style. Perfectly thick and bold and made with lots of love. We were the basement dwellers in college and I cherish that season waking up to one of my best friends every day. She is a beautiful friend inside and out.

Life is so much richer with these 3. I don't know what I would do without their intentionality, encouragement, and love. They are a gift and one of my greatest blessings and cannot be described in 10 words or less. I bet your sold! Happy weekend!. Go love your friends well today and express your appreciate for them.

~ Mekenzie

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