Monday, May 6, 2013

What do you do?

Without answering with my job, what do I do?..

I am a gal that lives to help people, Ive been blessed and cursed with a merciful heart and I feel along with others..sometimes to an unhealthy level; I serve The Lord with my entire being and pray for His will in my life above all else;  i love my husband with my whole heart and try my best to serve and love him well, i love deeply and when I feel an emotion, I really feel it; I am a caretaker of littles; I explore new recipes on the stove, and bake yummy goodies in the oven; I strive to live the healthiest life I can by eating clean and getting my sweat on daily; I celebrate my loved ones; I cherish the blessings God has richly given me; I hope; I worry; I plan for the future; and I live the heck out of my beautiful life!

<3 Gabrielle 

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  1. & THIS is why i love you- God has made us all so beautiful and I love how he made you!