Friday, May 10, 2013


My MoSt embarrassing moment. Ok here it is... {chirp,,cricket}
I DON"T HAVE ONE!!.. Weird right??
I used to  get embarrassed SooOo easily.. a cute cashier guy; my face would turn red, ordering lunch; reeeeed face. But now I just don't get embarrassed that easily, I think I'm more the one who does the embarrassing :) And there isn't a specific incident that is my "go to" most embarrassing moment.
So, today I get to share my hub's most embarrassing moment {he gave me permission}.

"I was 11 years old sitting in my back yard on a warm sunny day. I was out gettin' my tan on and hoping to get as dark as I could. After a couple hours outside I was pumped to see that I had tan lines forming. I went inside to show my mom the tan line on my thigh... BUT I accidentally pulled my shorts up a bit too high and well, my little dupree made an unexpected appearance. Needless to say, I was the most embarrassed I've ever been and so was my mom." {re-writtten in my own words}

There you have it! You now know a little but more about the best man there is :) You're welcome!


Wishing you a day full of embarrassing moments :)

<3 Gabrielle

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