Friday, May 24, 2013

Traits I Can't Shake

Day 24, Your top 3 worst traits.
Picking only three of my worst traits is a more than a little challenging. My list of quirks is a mile long but I would rather you not think I’m the strangest person on earth so I will give you the three traits that will shed some light on my personality and lifestyle.

I never finish a book

If you read Mekenzie’s last post she talked about how she reads a lot more now that she is out of college. I love this about her and I have always wanted to be the girl who read the latest novel- turned Hollywood hit or to be the one who can quote C.S. Lewis from one of his publications. Although Shauna Niquest is one of the authors I can seem to read cover to cover, her latest book that Kenz let me borrow, “Bread and Wine” has taken me 2 months to get through and I still have a few chapters to go. Maybe one day Kenz will get her book back from me!

Read Shauna! She's inspirational.

I leave coffee thermoses everywhere

I love coffee. I love it about as much as I love my friends. I drink it daily and take a perfectly brewed French press mug with me to work every day. The only problem is I seem to leave them everywhere. The usual hiding places are behind the passenger seat of my car or left on my desk at work. You would think that I would just take it home with me when I leave but somehow the mugs go my front door but never re-enter my house for days on end. I’ve even gone to extreme measures with this short coming because I have stolen Lauren’s cute pink tumbler and have yet to return it. Whoops, thanks Lo!
Yep, that's Lo's cute pink thermos!

My wrists are the size of a tooth pick

You know your wrists are too small when your group power instructor calls you out in front of the whole class as you’re doing bench press and says “Erin, straighten your out wrists. They’re going to break if you’re not careful!”

Embarrassing? Yes. But what irks me even more then embarrassment of people noticing how incredibly tiny they are, is the fact that I will never get to wear bangles. When I’m shopping for accessories there are always the cutest bracelets I want to buy and all the fashionistas on Pinterest are showing off their stackables that are in style right now. Sadly, the second I put them on my dainty wrists, they slide right off and hit the floor. Unless I want to purchase the chincy elastic bracelets, I’m stuck with rings and earrings as my go-to jewelry.
I wish this was my wrist with cute bangles on it!

From character flaws to being the laughing stock of my group fitness class, I have some traits that I would leave behind if I could. But, hey, that’s who I am and my idiosyncrasies make me an ‘incomplete book reader, coffee mug hoarder, tiny wrist lifter’ kind of gal.


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