Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Songs that take me back...

How about a little trip down memory lane? Lets go in chronological order...

Wide Open Spaces- The Dixie Chicks
This song will forever remind me of middle school, driving around Waco, Texas with my bests Erin and Bre and our mentor, Karen (the college youth group intern at the time). Karen taught us the best game ever, called "sing as loud and as terrible as you can with the windows down and make the people in the cars next to you highly uncomfortable." I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. I may have even wet myself. But ultimately, this song takes me back to sweet innocence and living life with no responsibilities.
Blackmail. 7th grade.

Gettin' old school. Nick and I went to homecoming together sophomore year of high school. This song played and I remember being so nervous to slow dance. (I was 15, ok?). I'm sure he was too, but he broke the ice by belting the song to me and doing hand gestures. I'll never forget it.

Can you say....awkward?

Here in Your Arms- Hello Goodbye
The song Nick asked me to Senior Prom with. Cue the cheesiness. A balloon was delivered to my front door step, giving me his home address to drive to. A sign half way down the road telling me to park and walk toward the driveway. As I got to the end of it, a sign illuminated on the garage door saying. "PROM?", that song started playing, and my high school football star came around the corner in his letterman's jacket with a bouquet of flowers. Awwww....

Couldnt find a picture with my date....also whyyy did I wear white?

We Found Love- Rihanna

Although I can't really stand this song anymore, anytime I hear it I am instantly transported back to the last downhill stretch of the 2011 Denver Rock n' Roll half-marathon, knowing I was going to have my fastest race ever and it motivated me to break into a full-on sprint finish. Thanks to my girls Mekenzie and Erin for giving me the song the night before! (Had to throw a fitness one in there:))

My girls
 Then-Brad Paisley

More cheesiness, I am terribly sorry. Short story: the song Nick proposed to and then became our first dance song at our wedding. Enough said.
The night we got engaged

Our First Dance

And that's all I've got right on any of the song title for a little throwback!


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