Sunday, May 26, 2013

Online and Reading

So to be honest, I don't do too much reading online. My nose can typically be found in one of three books; The Bible, Love Does, or "A Shauna." But as far as reading online.. well I don't. I do however spend endless hours browsing blogs and feasting my eyes on wedding love, home decor ideas, clothing trends, healthy recipes, other bloggers lifestyles, killer workouts and on and on the list goes'

Instead of some riveting political article or the situation occurring in North Korea I want to give you some feasting for your own eyes;

  • This article is on a super whimsical N fresh "Orange Crush" themed wedding! I want to get married again so I can incorporate some of these fun details into a reception! 

                                                             A little "pre" eye-candy!

  • I LOVE hgtv.  House Hunting is THE show I cross my fingers for and always hope to be on when running on the treadmill. There are always fun diy ideas to attempt or just really gorgeous homes to droll over. This will link you to fun outdoor kitchens since summer has made its appearance, and well i Love eating outside on a beautiful inviting patio. 

                                              I can just picture all our friends bbq-ing here! 

  • My TIU trainers share their bikini bites for Bikini Babes! Some really delicious snacks on-the-go and ideas for healthy summer snackin.' WIthout fail, you will always be pleased when you make a stop at their blog :)

  • My final link for you is from Raw for Beauty. I'm totally into ways to naturally heal infirmities in the body, or using natural goods in cooking and alternatives for cleaning and skin products. You can also like them on facebook and will daily be given helpful tips! 

Happy Feasting!

<3 Gabrielle

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