Sunday, May 12, 2013

That's Kamp with a 'K'

Day 12: What do you miss most?

I was talking with a friend of mine who is finishing up her last semester in college and she was telling me about her summer plans. At the end of the conversation she asked me what my summer plans were. I literally laughed out loud and not because it was a stupid question but because I hardly remember what is was like to have a full summer “off” of work or school. I got very envious of her and the summer she was about to enjoy on a mission trip to South Africa. 

Talking about college summers reminded me of my summers spent at Kanakuk Kamps as a counselor. They were some of my most favorable memories in life. Sometimes when  its humid in the mornings and has a musty smell in the air, I am taken back to the rocky shores of Table Rock Lake in Missouri. Kamp was the perfect harmony of hot, sweaty summer nights and lake swims, crazy dress up parties and heart to heart conversations with my campers. I loved everything about this place. It was beautiful- it was the scenery around me and the faces of my dearest friends made this place incredible. 

Here’s what I miss most about Kamp...

Sweet Kaylee

Kaylee- She was my first friend I made at kamp. This sweet southern bell has a heart of gold and we shared some great heart to heart chats. 

Celebrating 4th of July with Addison
Addison- This Oklahoma girl has a way of making you feel so loved and special. I will never forget the time she gave me her rain jacket when I was going on our 2 day trip outside of kamp. This was the rainiest 2 days that kamp has ever seen and she never complained once that I had taken this important piece of clothing from her. 

My Co- Counselor and dear friend Jordan
Jordan- My co- counselor and partner in crime. We loved our girls well together and this lady is always looking to laugh and create fun in any situation. She was the leader and backbone of our cabin and the girls flocked to her for her wise, sound advice. 


Cynthia- Running OG Nation
For half of the summer I worked in the front office, working behind the scenes of kamp and enjoying every minute of air conditioning that room had to offer. We were a tight knit group of girls, who laughed our heads off most of the day. Cynthia was our fearless leader and our most dear friend. 


A few nights a week there was a ridiculously fun, themed party. The entire kamp dressed up and everything from the food to the decor to the activities was centered around that theme. 
Yes, that's me and Kenz gettin' our country on 

Color Extravaganza 
Noah's Arc Party


I have to give credit to Kamp for teaching me how to wake board, water ski, inner tube like a pro, cliff jump like I was fearless. The water was warm and the surroundings were rocky and covered in lush shrubs. Any chance I could, I would spend it out on a boat or on the dock. It was my favorite hang out spot, no doubt. 


My heart beat is to serve others and being a counselor means that 24/7 you’re putting your girls' needs first and responsible for making her summer the best one of her life. I wanted her to encounter Jesus and have a blast while doing it. I can remember each of those 24 girls sweet faces so vividly still. I miss them a lot. I love watching them(through facebook, of course!)graduate high school and attend college and grow into the amazing women I knew they would be. I proud of them. 

That’s kamp with a ‘K’ and I would go back in a heart beat if you gave me the opportunity. 


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  1. Erin, LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Come back...visit us!!! We would loveit! Love this blog and hope you and McKenzie are doing great!!! You are so dear and so gifted by Jesus!